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I took a little bit of time off this month to get some life things in order, and during that time I also did a bit of reflection.

(OK, fine, reading and watching Tik-Toks-- SAME THING!)

I was noticing the things I have in my life that I enjoy, things that I am looking forward to doing, and making some fun plans for the next few months.

And I had a strong realization that even though I am the happiest I've been in my life, many people might see it and think, "Nope. I don't like that."

And that my friends ... is the entire point.

My life fits who I am, what I value, what is meaningful to me, what I love.

How I... want to live.

Your life, should fit you in all of those ways, and by nature will likely look completely different.

Life is not a one-size fits all situation.

That is what is lovely about "Not Shoulding on Yourself", and "Not Giving a Fuck". (And also about "Not Letting Others Should On You -- free guide coming out in November!).

It really is NOT about not caring.

It's about letting go of caring about the wrong things.

It's about letting go of others' ideas of what you should do, or care about, or find meaningful.

Living according to your values.

Living authentically.

Choose Your own Adventure.

Follow Your Own Path.

And it is in that sweet spot, that we find contentment.

- R

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