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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free consultation like?

We will have a video consultation to discuss what you are looking for, give you the opportunity to ask any questions, and get to know each other a little order for us to decide if we may be a good match. Not sure what to ask? That’s ok! I have you covered.

What are your fees?

Fees are $150/session.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. I currently take UBH/Optum, Cigna and MHN health insurance.

What if you don’t take my insurance?

For clients who want to use insurance that I do not take, I can also provide a superbill to clients. This means that the client pays the full fee at time of session, and then they can present the superbill to their insurance company for possible reimbursement. (I highly recommend clients call their insurance companies to check if they have Out Of Network services, and what they cover before choosing this option as not all insurance companies will reimburse for clients not in their insurance panel, and the amount can vary widely from plan to plan.)

Do I need to fill something out before we meet?

If we decide to move forward working together, you will receive a link to my client portal, where you will need to sign some basic information, including informed consent, privacy practices, telehealth consent and payment processing information. All forms can be signed online. If you have any questions or concerns about anything in the paperwork, you can let me know and I will be happy to answer or discuss prior to initial session.

What will the first visit be like?

The idea of a first visit can seem really overwhelming, but I will work to make it as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Generally, it is a time for us to discuss what is currently going on in your life that you’d like to work on, discuss goals, and get started with forming a plan to move forward. There may be some discussion of pertinent personal and family history, particularly if you are using insurance as I will need to complete paperwork following the insurance guidelines. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at any time in this process. We will also address important items for getting the best experience from telehealth.

How does Telehealth Work?

Therapy would be provided through a secure and confidential video link, which is provided prior to each session. For more detailed information, you can download a helpful informational booklets linked below. Answers to any questions you have can be provided as needed.

Client Telehealth Information in English

Client Telehealth Information in Spanish

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