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What if you could turn your midlife hot mess

into a

beautiful midlife transformation?

Work With Me

I'm Rio Scott, and I help women in midlife sort through the mess, and map out their path to creating a beautiful, fullfilling second act.


Rio Scott, Lmft, Certified clini-coach®

have you reached a point in life where the choices you made when you were younger no longer fit, and you have no idea what you want to do next?

I have been there and done that.


You might be experiencing--

Feeling stuck, unhappy with where you are but not knowing quite why or what to do about it

Feelings of loss due to change in your circustances or your life role 

- Retiring from a career

- Empty next

- Loss of partnership through death or divorce

Feeling unsatisfied with your life, and not knowing how to fill that lack

You've done all the things and checked all of the boxes you were supposed to, and still don't feel happy

You've been focused on doing for everyone else for so long, you forgot what your own needs are

You're thinking...

- What is the point?

- Isn't there more to life than this?


I'm rio scott. I'm a licensed therapist, A clinially-trained coach, a midlife survivor and a chronically late bloomer.


I've been stuck.


I've been in the middle of the mess trying to work out how to even begin.

I've been in relationships that weren't serving me, with zero boundaries and a barely-there awareness of what i want and needed in life.

I've been a midlife hot mess.

And by leaning in to the mess, looking inward and learning (and using) better skills, i was able to find my power and run with it.

And you can, too!

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what i can help you do

Zero in on what's important to you, so that you can make choices and decisions based on your values.

Build and Maintain boundaries, so that you can say no to things that don't work for you and say yes to things that do.

Build more connection in your relationships

Let go of how you should be living life, so you can live your best life.

so that you can:

Feel more deeply connected to your life.

Be authentically you 

Get excited about your life again

Decrease overwhelm and have the skills to be more able to handle overwhelming situatons (and people!)

Feel empowered in your life

Work With Me


One on One Coaching

With 1:1 Coaching, we will work together to help identify what's keeping your from living a fulfilling life, and by identifying your strengths, looking at barriers and assessing and building the appropriate skills to create a plan to help get you from surviving, to thriving.



Coming Soon! Sign up for the waitlist and be the first to be notified when it's available!

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